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Ted Falk


Diamond Construction is based in Steinbach Manitoba and was founded in 1964 by W. A. Giesbrecht.  Diamond Construction started as a concrete supplier in the Southeastern Manitoba region, and operated under the Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd. banner.  Today, Diamond Construction has become a leading supplier of gravel and stone aggregates, as well as a leader in the Heavy Construction industry.


Make sure you give Diamond Construction a call for any of your construction or gravel supply needs.  We do the job right.....you have my word on it!

Ted Falk,

President and CEO

Doug Hamm


 Doug joined the Diamond team in 2000 as the Controller.

Doug has extensive experience in the Heavy Construction Industry and is a Certified Management Accountant.








Doug Hamm,

General Manager

Bob Giesbrecht


 Bob Giesbrecht has over 30 years of experience in the construction business.  He is the son of the original owner W. A. Giesbrecht.  Bob specializes in aggregates and is an overseer of the job sites. 






Bob Giesbrecht,

Operations Manager


Tim Giesbrecht


 Tim has grown up as part of the Diamond Construction Team. Tim is our key Project Manager and Estimator with over 10 years experience. From Excavating, Sewer  and Water Installation, Demolition, and Site Development Tim has the experience and expertise to see you through.





Tim Giesbrecht,

Project Manager/ Estimator

Sheldon Reimer


 Sheldon joined the Diamond Construction Team in 2011. His Experience with aggregates, and production management make him the key individual for our aggregates production. He manages all of our aggregate production pits, staff and equipment.





Sheldon Reimer,

Aggregates Manager

Darren Voth


Darren a Red Seal mechanic with 34 years of experience in the agriculture and compact construction equipment sector. Darren's skills as a mechanic and his previous manangment experience has made him well suited to oversee all aspects of our maintence operations.





Darren Voth,

Shop Manager

Ed Silinksi


Ed has been a valued employee of Diamond Construction since 1974. Ed's diversity of experience in maintaining all of the equipment that Diamond Construction Operates, has molded him for the role he fulfills today. Ed has a wealth of knowledge that keeps us operating trouble free.





Ed Silinski,

Maintenance Manager

Mission Statement
Our mission at Diamond Construction and Gravel is to be the preferred supplier of gravel and construction related products and services in Southern Manitoba.
S T A T E M E N T   OF   C O R P O R A T E   P R I N C I P L E S
Diamond  Construction  and  Gravel   –   Commitment  to  Excellence

◊ Excellence should be the main goal.  Not only in the way we deal with customers but also in the way we deal with employees and suppliers.


◊ Be a flexible and agile organization.  Keep abreast of recent developments in the industry.  Embrace new ideas, new perspectives and keep in mind they are there for us to harness and use in order to follow the ever-changing demands of the industry. Understand that change is good and that change is continuous.


◊ Focus on the end customer’s needs, wants and desires, and satisfy or exceed their expectations.  Recognize that our reputation is a major asset; cultivate it and use it.  Quality is not an action but a habit.


◊ Create an environment that develops, attracts, and rewards excellent people for the long term.  Refuse to accept poor performance.


◊ Encourage and value an individual’s initiative and ambition, recognizing that extra effort not only profits the company, but advances one’s self.


◊ Remember that people are important and they need to feel positive and secure.  Keep the lines of communication open, and whenever possible, empower employees to make their own decisions.


◊ Celebrate victories; encourage a sense of belonging and community.


◊ Conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, guided by Biblical principles.

◊ Recognize the value of a profitable organization and realize that sustainable profitability is essential in maintaining a successful business.

◊Respect one another. People should be accepted for their capabilities and ability to do the job, not on the basis
of race, sex, religion, or their position within the company.


Safety Policy


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Diamond Construction is a division of Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd.

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