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Diamond Construction & Gravel is a leading supplier of Sand, Stone and Gravel Aggregates in the Southeastern Manitoba region.
Gravel Yardage Calculator
Use the gravel yardage calculator to help you calculate how many cubic yards of gravel that you'll need to complete your project.  Simply input the length (feet), width (feet) and height (inches) of your project, select the type of Product that you need and press the Calculate button.  The calculator will tell you the area of your project in cubic feet as well as in cubic yards, and will also tell you how much material that you'll need, taking compaction into consideration.

Product List



Pit Run

Pit Run 3" Down



Traffic Gravel


Crusher Dust

1/4" Round Stone

3/8" Crushed Stone

1/2" Crushed Stone
3/4" Crushed Stone
3/4" dn Crushed Stone
1 1/2" dn Crushed Stone
3/8" Round Stone

3/4" Round Drain Stone

1 1/2" - 2 1/2"  Round Stone

2 1/2" - 5"  Round Stone

1 1/2" - 3"  Field Stone
3" Overflow (dirty)
Rip Rap

Specialty Stone

3/4" Crushed Local Granite

1 1/2" Crushed Local Granite

3/4" Black Granite
1 1/2" Black Granite
1/4" Down Limestone
3/4" Down Limestone
3/4" Clean Limestone
1 1/2" Clean Limestone


Coarse Fill Sand

Washed Coarse Sand
Classified Sand
Classified Fine Sand
Play Sand
Stucco Sand
Baseball Sand
Salt Sand


Our material goes through a Quality Control process to ensure your are getting a consistent product.
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